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WNU Radiation Technology School gets off to great start

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The WNU Radiation Technology School has got off to a great start in Daejeon, South Korea. Hosted by Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute, Korea Institute of Nuclear Safety, Korea Institute of Radiological & Medical Sciences, Korea Radioisotope Association, Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co and supported by the IAEA and the World Council on Isotopes, the school runs until 1 June.

Forty fellows from 19 countries, seen with their mentors in the photo below, heard on their first day from IAEA Deputy Director General – Daud Mohamad - about his organisation’s work in this field. There was also a forward-looking presentation from ANSTO’s Professor Richard Banati covering everything from the use of nuclear technologies in diagnosing mental illnesses to determining the effect of plastic waste on the oceans.

WNU RT School 12

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