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WNA Symposium Registration Open

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Registration has opened for the 37th Annual WNA Symposium and special discounts are available to those who book before 3 August. Those wishing to attend can register via this link.


37th WNA Symposium speakerThe WNA Symposium is the nuclear industry’s premier event – an annual conference attended by over 700 leaders and specialists from more than 30 countries. The Symposium brings together the nuclear industry and its major stakeholders to discuss topics ranging from the nuclear fuel market to the practicalities of building new nuclear power plants.

Global electricity demand continues to grow rapidly, driven above all by Asian economic growth. Nuclear is seen as an indispensable part of the generating mix in a number of major countries. China, South Korea and India are seeking to secure and to diversify their energy supplies, with increasing use of nuclear energy.

For these plans to be realised, the nuclear industry will need to deliver on time and on budget. This remains arguably the greatest challenge for utilities, reactor vendors and the nuclear supply chain. It will also present a challenge for fuel cycle participants seeking to meet new demand. All this must be achieved in the face of ever greater scrutiny and regulatory demands. In some countries, nuclear will also have to contend with government policy skewed to assist competitor technologies that themselves will increase nuclear operating difficulties. The Symposium will focus on the ways in which the industry will meet these challenges.