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First International Nuclear Energy Olympiad

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Ten teams of students from ten countries have been selected to participate in the first International Nuclear Energy Olympiad taking place in Seoul, 26 – 30 September. The event is being organised by the World Nuclear University and hosted and sponsored by the Korea Nuclear Promotion Agency (KONEPA).

The Olympiad is a communications competition where the teams must research and develop a plan for gaining acceptance of nuclear in their country. This plan will be presented in Seoul to an International Jury, led by WNA's Director of Communication – Ian Hore-Lacy.

A total of 35 teams from 22 countries applied to the Olympiad. The overall calibre of the submissions was extremely high making it extremely hard to select only ten teams. The teams come from: Canada, India, Japan, South Korea, USA, Russia, Turkey, Malaysia, Romania and Mongolia.

Improvements to the WNA reactor database

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The WNA reactor database has been upgraded to improve the display of information for multi-reactor sites. Before this update the icons for reactors on the same site overlapped unless the map was zoomed in close enough to separate them. This meant that when, for example, searching for all the reactors in one country only the details for the one reactor at each site would be shown when clicking on the icons.

The new update now shows one icon for each site at wider zoom levels. Clicking on these icons brings up a pop-up list of all reactors at that site relevant to your search. You can click on the name of any of the reactors in the list to be taken to the individual page for that reactor.


Site map


The list of reactors shown will match the search criteria used. If your search was for operating reactors in the UK then the list for Sizewell would only show Sizewell B.

When zoomed in the icons for each reactor now reflects its operating status. Clicking on each icon will show brief details for that reactor, again, clicking on the reactor's name in the pop-up will link to a page with full reactor details.


Reactor icons map

The different icons used are:


 Planned Planned
 Suspended Suspended indefinitely/Cancelled
 Under Construction Under Construction
 Construction Suspended Construction suspended
 Operating Operating
 Not operating Not operating
 Shut down Shut down


The icons are placed near to their respective reactors, rather than directly on top, in part to avoid obscuring the reactors.

More upgrades to the database are being developed and should be released over the coming months.

WNU One Week Courses held in China and South Korea

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WNA Deputy Director General, Steve Kidd, has just led two more successful one-week courses as part of the training offered by the World Nuclear University.

Tsinguha 2011
The course held in China was the fifth one-week course held in that country, a sign of the rapid development of nuclear generation in that country.

The second course was held in South Korea, the third one-week course to be held there.


The WNU's one-week courses have now provided training to over 2,000 people.

The next one-week course is being held in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, the first time a WNU course is being held in that country.

Meanwhile, this year's six-week World Nuclear University Summer Institute is about to start at Christ Church, Oxford University.

Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction joins WNA

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DoosanHIandCWNA is pleased to welcome Doosan Heavy Industries and Construction as our latest member company. Doosan HI&C are one of South Korea's foremost EPC contractors for plant projects inside and outside the country. Their business portfolio includes castings and forgings, nuclear reactor vessels, thermal power plants, water desalination plants, environmental plants, and material handling systems.

Doosan has been the main equipment supplier for Korea’s nuclear power program from its very beginning. The company is now preparing to deliver major equipment for the Korea-developed APR1400 reactor to the Braka project in the UAE and several projects in South Korea as that country continues its impressive development of nuclear energy.