7 April 2015 

Launch of new Press and Events section

A new Press and Events section has been launched on the World Nuclear Association's website.This new section includes our Press Statements, previously carried on this page. This Announcements page will now include information specific to our association.

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7 January 2015

Beijing meeting puts the spotlight on China’s nuclear energy progress

World Nuclear Association, in cooperation with the Chinese Nuclear Society, is organising an exciting one-day conference on 15 January 2015 in Presidential Hotel Beijing. World Nuclear Spotlight 2015  brings leading figures from the international industry together in the capital city of the world's fastest growing nuclear market.

Attendees will:

  • learn about China's plans for the expansion of its reactor fleet and fuel cycle facilities, and the challenges it faces
  • discover the opportunities on offer to foreign nuclear companies and investors
  • discuss the potential flow-on benefits that the Chinese program offers to the world in terms of learning and innovation

With over 25 years of history in nuclear power and boasting the world's largest and most diverse new-build program the Chinese nuclear industry is now a leading player. Committed to localising its supply chain and deploying its own advanced reactor technology, Chinese companies are increasingly turning their attention to opportunities in overseas markets such as Pakistan, Argentina, Romania, South Africa and the UK. Can it achieve with nuclear a similar level of export success as it has for other infrastructure projects?

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