Guidance Notes

This Advanced Search allows you to search for reactors based on a number of different criteria. Please select one or more of the options from the categories available and then click the Search button.

If you wish to include all options for a particular category leave that category unchecked, For example, to see global results leave all options unchecked in the Location category.

Please select your search criteria carefully, there are many combinations of categories that will return no results, for example searching for Candu reactors in USA and UK.

Reactor Icons

The orange icons illustrate reactor sites. Click on the icon to see information on the individual reactors that match your search at each site.

If you zoom in close enough on a map the site icon will be replaced by individual icons for each reactor

Note: reactors listed as "Operational" include those that are undergoing planned or unplanned outages.

 Database Guidelines

Map images show reactors as they were at the time the photographic data was collected. Maps will not show the current state of reactors under construction.

Location indicators show the approximate location of reactors. Where multiple reactors are located on one site the indicators are not intended to identify specific reactors.

Please note: For more comprehensive information on planned and proposed nuclear reactors please consult the table of World Nuclear Power Reactors

Sources: WNA Public Information Service, IAEA PRIS Database


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