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At Work is an annual report of the World Nuclear Association's activities. You will find details of the Association's everyday work and plans for the year ahead.

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2015 was a significant year for the nuclear industry with nearly 10 GWe of new capacity starting to supply electricity, double that achieved in previous years. China remains the largest market for nuclear new build, starting up eight units, and dominates near-term prospects for industry growth. Japan begun to restart its fleet of reactors following new safety regulations. In the largest existing nuclear markets of the USA and Europe, several utilities have provided notice of earlier than expected reactor retirements over the coming years, citing political and economic factors. However, nuclear new build projects and plans also continue to move ahead in other parts of these regions. Globally, there are more units under construction than there have been in 25 years and the long-term global drivers for nuclear energy – such as the need to ensure energy security, reduce atmospheric emissions and lower energy system costs – are increasingly strong.

The last twelve months have been a busy period for the World Nuclear Association as we continued to work towards our mission of facilitating business and networking opportunities for our members, providing a forum for industry cooperation while also seeking to create a more positive predisposition towards nuclear energy in the global energy debate. As a major step towards this we launched our new vision – the Harmony initiative – wherein we encourage industry to work together towards the goal of building 1000 GWe of new nuclear capacity by 2050, and thus help to support a balanced future low-carbon energy mix.

In addition to this, and our important set of Working Groups and communication activities, we have been very busy on the international scene. We represented the nuclear industry at the COP 21 climate change conference in Paris and also contributed to more consultation processes in 2015 than in any other year, engaging with a diverse range of international bodies such as the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission and the World Bank.

Among our more visual changes, the Association received a new brand in order to better align its corporate identity with its new mission. Our annual London Symposium shifted to a more modern venue, while the World Nuclear University Summer Institute left its long-term home of Oxford (UK) to become a travelling event, thereby increasing its outreach and effectiveness as an industry leadership academy. 

I am committed to ensuring that the World Nuclear Association continues to provide value and excellence to its members, and look forward to a great year ahead. 

Agneta Rising, World Nuclear Association Director General


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