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Thursday 7 September 2006
Fleming Room, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London SW1


Opening, QEII Fleming Room

    Mr John Ritch, Director General, World Nuclear Association and Presentation
Mr Ralf Güldner, Chairman, World Nuclear Association
Session I, Fleming Room - Prospects for Nuclear Power
Chairman: Mr Ralf Güldner, AREVA NP GmbH
  • Russia's Vision on Prospects for Nuclear Power - Presentation
  Mr Sergei Kirienko, Head, Federal Agency for Atomic Energy “Rosatom”, Russia
  • Building Nuclear Power Partnerships for the U.S. Today and the World Tomorrow
  Mr Dennis Spurgeon, Assistant Secretary, US Department of Energy
11:00 Session II, Fleming Room - Prospects for Nuclear Power
Chairman: Mr Ralf Güldner, AREVA NP GmbH
  • The Nuclear Renaissance: A Challenging Opportunity and Presentation
  Mr Steve Tritch, President & CEO, Westinghouse Electric Company
  • Safety I&C from AREVA - Your Safe Investment over a Long Period and Presentation
  Mr Ulli Kraft, Senior Vice-President I&C and Electrical Systems, AREVA NP GmbH
  • The Nuclear Renaissance in the U.S. - Presentation
Mr Andy White, President & CEO, GE Energy's Nuclear Business, USA
12:30   Presentation of the WNA Award for Distinguished Contribution
14:00   Session III, Fleming Room - National Perspectives
Chairman: Mr Andy White, GE Nuclear
  • Nuclear Power in the UK - Past, Present & Future and Presentation
  Dr Robert Hawley, Chairman of Berkley Resources Ltd and Carron Energy Ltd, UK
  • Current State and Future of Japan's Nuclear Power Program and Presentation
  Mr Harukuni Tanaka, General Manager, Nuclear Power Department, Federation of Electric Power Companies of Japan
  • Decision-Making Support Committee for Mexico's Nuclear Power Program and Presentation
  Mr Jose Alberto Acevedo Monroy, Under Secretary for Electricity, Ministry of Energy, Mexico
  • Nuclear Power Program of Pakistan and Presentation
  Mr Zia ul Hasan Siddiqui, General Manager, Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission
15:45   Session IV, Fleming Room - Challenges of Public Perception & Knowledge Preservation
Chairman: Ms Rita Mirwald, Cameco Corp.
  • Risk, Detriment and Hidden Conservatism - How to Price Nuclear out of the Marketplace and Presentation
    Prof Gregg Butler, Director, Integrated Decision Management Ltd, UK
  • The Importance of Politics to Nuclear New Build and Presentation
    Mr Malcolm Grimston, Associate Fellow, Chatham House, UK
  • AREVA: Staffing up to Support Front-end Revival and Presentation
    Mr Ludovic Devos, Project Manager - Front End Marketing, AREVA NC
  • Overcoming The Challenges of The Ageing Nuclear Workforce & Knowledge Transfer and Presentation
    Mr Charles Goodnight, President, Goodnight Consulting Inc., USA
  • The WNU School of Uranium Production - Presentation
    Jan Trojacek, Director, WNU School of Uranium Production, Czech Republic

Friday 9 September 2005
Fleming Room, Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, London SW1

09:00   Session V, Fleming Room - Nuclear Fuel Cycle
Chairman: Mr Clark Beyer, Rio Tinto Uranium
    • The Long-Term Management of Former Uranium Mine Sites and Presentation
  Hon Eric Cline, Minister of Industry and Resources, Government of Saskatchewan, Canada
  • What can 40 Years of Red Books Tell Us? and Presentation
  Mr Robert Vance, Nuclear Development Division, Nuclear Energy Agency, OECD
  • Initial Core Effect on World Uranium Demand and Presentation
    Mr Scott Melbye, Vice President, Marketing Americas, Cameco Inc.
  • Fueling the Future: An Update and Presentation
  Mr Jeff Combs, President, Ux Consulting, USA
11:00   Session VI, Fleming Room - Nuclear Fuel Cycle (continuing)
Chairman: Mr John Luke, British Energy
  • Dynamic Relationships Between Uranium and SWU Prices: A New Equilibrium and Presentation
  Dr Thomas Neff, Center for International Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Tightened SWU Market after 2013: Where Will the SWU Come From? and Presentation
  Mr Klaus Lohrey, Director, Fuel Cycle Services, RWE NUKEM GmbH, Germany
  • AREVA Secures Fuel Assembly Manufacturing of the Future and Presentation
  Mr Hans-Uwe Siebert, Senior Vice President, Fuel Manufacturing Business Unit, AREVA NP
  • TVO: Optimal Uranium Purchase Strategy and Presentation
  Mr Ilkka Mikkola, Manager, Fuel Procurement, TVO, Finland
14:00   Session VII, Fleming Room - Latest Developments in Nuclear & Radiation Safety, Waste Management & Decommissioning
Chairman: Tetsuji Kishida, Kansai EPC
  • The 2006 Recommendations of the International Commission on Radiological Protection and Presentation
  Dr Lars-Erik Holm, Chairman, International Commission for Radiological Protection (ICRP)
  • Review of IAEA's Basic Safety Standards and Presentation
  Ms Eliana Amaral, Director, Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety, Department of Nuclear Safety and Security, IAEA
  • Achieving Nuclear Safety Performance: Regulatory Effectiveness from Operator's View Point and Presentation
  Ms Véronique Decobert, Senior Vice President for Health, Safety and Security, AREVA
  • The NDA's - Plans And Progress - Presentation
  Sir Anthony Cleaver, Chairman, Nuclear Decommissioning Authority, UK
  • Worldwide Industry Cooperation in Radiological Protection, Waste Management & Decommissioning and Presentation
  Mr Sylvain St. Pierre, Director for Environment and Radiological Protection, WNA
15:45   Session VIII, Fleming Room - Investment Challenges in the New Nuclear Markets
Chairman: Milton Caplan, MZConsulting Inc.
  • US Nuclear Market Take-off - Presentation

Dr Roger Gale, CEO, GF Energy, USA

  • New Strategies and New Players: Creating a Nuclear Revival for the Long Term and Presentation
  Mr Mark Herlach, Partner, Sutherland, Asbill & Brennan LLP, USA
  • Nuclear Investment: Performance and Opportunity and Presentation
  Mr Bruce Lacy, President, Lacy Consulting L.L.C., USA
  • Investing in the Future - A Nuclear Imperative! and Presentation
  Dr Regis Matzie, Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer, Westinghouse Electric Company

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