Asia's projected $781 billion nuclear energy investment needs continuing international cooperation

15 January 2015  

Continuing the strong cooperation between Chinese and international nuclear companies will ensure that China can play its part in the global nuclear supply chain. 

WNA Director General Agneta Rising said:

"We must build on the international partnerships forged in developing China's nuclear generation programme so that China can play its part in delivering the global expansion of clean and reliable nuclear energy the world so clearly needs."

Ms Rising was speaking at World Nuclear Spotlight 2015 conference, taking place in Beijing, China on 15 January 2015.

The potential market for the global nuclear supply chain is set out in The World Nuclear Supply Chain: Outlook 2030 report, which is launched today by the World Nuclear Association

The report's findings including:

1. Under a reference scenario that envisages the start-up of 266 new reactors, an investment of some $1.2 trillion would be required by 2030.

2. Taking into account nuclear power plant construction and refurbishment projects for long-term operation the international market for suppliers could be worth $30 billion per year.

3. The largest region of growth will be Asia - primarily China - where 47 reactors are currently under construction and a further 142 are forecast by 2030. Investment in nuclear projects in Asia could reach $781 billion over the period.

Press copies of The World Nuclear Supply Chain: Outlook 2030 are available on request from the media contacts listed below.

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