Future Energy Jobs Bill to support clean energy, secure jobs

2 December 2016

The Future Energy Jobs Bill has passed through the Senate of Illinois, United States, with measures to support the continued operation of nuclear power plants as part of a package to support clean energy in the region.

Agneta Rising, Director General of the World Nuclear Association said, "This bill will secure thousands of jobs and ensure continued operation of the Quad Cities and Clinton nuclear plants, providing clean and reliable electricity as part of a package of measures designed to boost a range of low carbon energy technologies."

According to Exelon, the measures will preserve 4,200 jobs at the Clinton and Quad Cities nuclear plants and prevent the loss of $1.2 billion in economic activity generated by the plants and an estimated $10 billion in increased costs associated with higher carbon emissions that would occur if the plants close.

Agneta Rising said, "In the longer term we need markets to deliver the electricity mix that we need, without intervention. Markets should recognize the value of secure and reliable electricity supplies, as well as the environmental benefits of different forms of electricity generation.

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