Markets must recognise energy benefits

22 April 2015

"Governments must take action to ensure that the lights will stay on decades into the future and policies are needed to steer us to an environmentally sound energy mix."

This statement was made by Agneta Rising, Director General of the World Nuclear Association at the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle conference, held in Prague, Czech Republic on 22 April. 

Rising said "Deregulated markets, while promoting competition, are leading to prioritisation of short term returns over more environmentally sustainable and economically sound long-term investments."

Rising also called for greater recognition of the role of nuclear generation in Europe in tackling climate change and providing security of supply. 

"Nuclear generation is by far the single largest source of low carbon electricity in Europe; it is close to being the largest single source of generation of any kind, providing 28% of all electricity consumed. And yet nuclear is frequently left off the agenda of European energy initiatives."

"It is time that Europe recognized that nuclear energy is the low carbon foundation of its energy system and the choice of many of its members", said Rising.

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A full copy of Agneta Rising's opening address is available here.