New study shows nuclear generation to grow but more must be done

10 September 2015

Global nuclear generation capacity is set to grow from today's 379 GWe to 552 GWe by 2035, according to the reference scenario of the World Nuclear Association Nuclear Fuel Report.

Agneta Rising, Director General of the World Nuclear Association said, "Nuclear electricity output is set to increase at a faster rate over the next five years than we have seen for more than two decades. We must build on that positive momentum."

The Nuclear Fuel Report is the most recent in the series of the World Nuclear Association's biennial publications that set out the industry's expert assessment of supply and demand across the whole nuclear fuel cycle.

But the increase in nuclear capacity set out by the report's reference case would not be enough to keep pace with the demands set by long-term energy scenarios aimed at tackling climate change. The IEA's 2°C Scenario (2DS) sees nuclear capacity reaching 660 GWe in 2030, and going on to exceed 900 GWe by 2050.

Agneta Rising said, "More must be done so that nuclear energy can make the contribution being asked of it, to deliver a clean, affordable and reliable electricity supply in harmony with other low carbon options."


For more information on the Nuclear Fuel Report please see this background brief.

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