World Nuclear Association welcomes Hinkley Point C announcement

21 October 2015

Hinkley Point C will be the first of a series of projects bringing the world’s best new nuclear technology to the UK to cut carbon emissions, provide reliable electricity and secure affordable electricity for the future.

World Nuclear Association Director General Agneta Rising said “Globally, it is clear we need to accelerate our deployment of low carbon generation. Nuclear power provides the stable foundation to support other climate-friendly technologies.

The mechanisms that are enabling Hinkley Point C and other low carbon projects in the UK are one way of addressing weakness in deregulated markets. Currently deregulated markets fail to correctly value longer-term benefits such as carbon avoidance, price certainty and reliability of supply.

Agneta Rising said, “New nuclear construction around the world is at the highest level for 25 years, but we need to see more countries learning from the UK’s example to support nuclear energy among a mix of generation technologies that are fit for the future. Governments must act to ensure that markets support new investment in technologies such as nuclear, the UK is showing one way this can be achieved.

In addition to avoiding up to nine million tonnes of carbon dioxide emission each year the Hinkley Point C project will also support tens of thousands of employment opportunities.

Agneta Rising said, “Hinkley Point C’s international partners and those new nuclear projects planned to follow it will bring investment and jobs for decades to come."


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