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This report, written by CORDEL's Design Change Management Task Force explores design licensing and design change management procedures in the civil aviation industry.
Sealed radioactive sources are used in industrial radiography, gauging applications and mineral analysis. Gamma sterilisation is used for medical supplies, some bulk commodities and food preservation.


Nuclear reactors can be a source of clean water for communities and countries in need
This report reviews some of the best-known recent energy scenario studies using integrated models and maps the variations between studies and seeks to account for them.
Today most people are aware of the important contribution nuclear energy makes in providing about 10% of the world's low-carbon electricity. The widespread and important applications of nuclear technology outside of civil electricity production in power plants are, however, l...
Two atomic bombs made from uranium-235 and plutonium-239 were dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki respectively early in August 1945. The atmospheric testing of some 545 nuclear weapons continued up to 1963.
During the course of a safety system test being carried out just before a routine maintenance outage, Chernobyl 4 was destroyed as a result of a power transient on 26 April 1986. The health effects of the Chernobyl accident have been the subject of extensive study by health ...
Atmospheric concentrations of some of the gases that produce the greenhouse effect are increasing due to human activity and the vast majority of the world's climate scientists believe this causes global warming and resulting climate change.
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