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A single VVER-1000 unit is in operation in Iran at Bushehr.
Australia's Uranium Deposits and Prospective Mines. Summary of Resources Available in Major Deposits and Prospective Mines
Lithium-7 has two important uses in nuclear power due to its relative transparency to neutrons. As hydroxide it is necessary in small quantities for safe operation in PWR cooling systems as a pH stabilizer, and as a fluoride it is also expected to come into much greater deman...
In the last 60 years uranium has become one of the world's most important energy minerals. It is used almost entirely for making electricity, though a small proportion is used for the important task of producing medical isotopes.
Former Australian uranium mines.  Australian uranium production from mines now closed
The Earth's uranium has been thought to be produced in one or more supernovae over 6 billion years ago. More recent research suggests it could also be created through the merger of neutron stars.
Kazakhstan has 12% of the world's uranium resources. It is the world's leading uranium producer. The government is committed to increased uranium exports, and is considering future options for nuclear power.
Stewardship involves the care and management of a commodity through its entire life cycle.  For a mineral, this cycle encompasses exploration, mining, processing, refining, fabricating, use, recovery, recycling and disposal.
This graphic may be freely used, with attribution to World Nuclear Association
Australia's uranium has been mined since 1954, and three mines are currently operating. Australia's known uranium resources are the world's largest – 29% of the world total. It is the world's third-ranking producer, behind Kazakhstan and Canada.
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