The nuclear industry provides well-paid, high-skill jobs and investment that supports local communities

  • Construction of a new nuclear power plant generates thousands of jobs onsite and thousands more  in the
    supply chain.
    • The operation of a nuclear power plant provides hundreds of high-skill jobs for people in  local communities for many decades.
    • A nuclear power plant brings broader investment that benefits local economies.

The nuclear industry generates a broad range of jobs, including engineering, technical, and other specialist roles.

For each 1,000 MWe of nuclear capacity constructed, some 200,000 job-years of employment are created. Nuclear sector pay tends to be higher than average, reflecting the specialist skills of the employees.

Nuclear energy projects also involve significant investment and regional infrastructure development, which contributes to economic growth and international exchange.

Nuclear energy projects increase gross domestic product growth in the short and long term. In addition, nuclear energy can have a positive impact on local employment, with a higher proportion of jobs being generated near to the location of the power plant than is the case with other low-carbon generation.

The nuclear industry helps to support jobs directly and indirectly. For each direct job, approximately 2.5 to 3.5 indirect and induced jobs are generated.

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