Policy measures to promote a clean energy future

11 November 2022
16:30 EGY | 14:30 GMT
#ATOMS4CLIMATE pavilion and online 

There has been a wave of national initiatives in countries around the world to promote clean energy investment. From policies that support existing nuclear power, to production and investment tax credits for new clean electricity technologies, to the promotion of clean hydrogen production, policies in more and more countries are including nuclar energy in their results-driven efforts focused on decarbonization.

For example, the U.S. government passed, and will soon implement, the Inflation Reduction Act, which included game-changing tax credits that will help nuclear investment thrive. We have seen other countries invest in nuclear education and research, which will ensure they have an adequate and skilled workforce and cutting edge technologies to meet growing demand.

National policies play a key role in influencing private sector investment decisions. This panel gave insights into recent policy decisions and their ramifications.