Webinar - How can we streamline the licensing of Small Modular Reactors?  

28 July 2021

There is significant interest in the role small modular reactors (SMRs) can play in the clean energy systems of the future. SMRs cover a wide range of technologies but have in common their potential to decarbonize electrical grids and other applications, such as district heating, process heat for industry, hydrogen and synthetic fuels production, as well as providing electricity to remote or off-grid areas. 

World Nuclear Association recently published a report Design Maturity and Regulatory Expectations for SMRs which investigated the relationship between licensing processes in a variety of countries and design phases of a reactors.  

The report found that in order to facilitate the large scale deployment of SMRs, it will be critical to reduce uncertainty and risk in the licensing process when reactor designs move between countries. This will require streamlining of the licensing approach with an unprecedented level of collaboration between reactor vendors, project developers, national regulators and governments.  

On 28 July World Nuclear Association hosted a webinar that brought these stakeholders together to provide a holistic discussion on what is required and how this collaboration may occur.   

A diverse group of experts discussed the following topics and more:    

  • Large number of SMR designs - differing levels of design / technical maturity.  
  • Differing licensing frameworks with different requirements.  
  • Risks introduced by these differences for SMR vendors and project developers.  
  • Opportunities and challenges that streamlining of licensing approaches would create. 
  • Need for widespread deployment of SMRs.  
  • Need for greater international collaboration.  


Watch the recording of the webinar:




  • Tom Bergman, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs, NuScale



  • Anna Bradford, Director, Division of New and Renewed Licenses, U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission.



  • Nadezhda Salnikova, Head of Business Development Department of Afrikantov OKBM, JSC, ROSATOM.



  • Rafal Kasprow, CEO, Synthos Green Energy.



  • Sol Pedre, Manager of CAREM project, The National Atomic Energy Commission, Argentina.



  • Moderator: Franck Lignini, Vice-Chair CORDEL, Framatome.


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