Start of construction of Egypt's first nuclear power plant

20 July 2022

Construction started today on unit 1 of the El Dabaa nuclear power plant in Egypt. Reacting to the start of construction, Sama Bilbao y León, Director General, World Nuclear Association, said, 

"This is a very important milestone in Egypt's path to meeting its energy needs with affordable 24/7 low-carbon nuclear generation. Once it starts operating, Egypt will become the second African nation to join the global nuclear energy family"

When complete the four-unit plant will have a capacity of 4,800 MWe and produce enough electricity to meet 20% of Egypt's current demand.

Sama Bilbao y León said, 

"As the host of the COP27 UN climate change conference later this year, the government of Egypt is setting a commendable example by choosing to invest in nuclear energy as low carbon infrastructure. As well as supplying clean electricity, El Dabaa will also support thousands of high-skilled jobs during construction and for 60 years of operation, and will catalyse investment in local economies."

For further information please see the World Nuclear News report: