At Work: our annual report

At Work is an annual report of the World Nuclear Association's activities. You will find details of the Association's everyday work and plans for the year ahead.

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With the world in a continued state of flux throughout 2021, the reliability of nuclear energy as a stable pillar for communities around the world has never been clearer – be it in ensuring the fight against the pandemic, or addressing the ongoing energy crisis. The Association has continued to make the case for nuclear energy globally, ensuring that the industry is properly represented at the heart of key debates.

When the world came together in Glasgow last November to increase the level of ambition on climate action, the Association redoubled its efforts to ensure that nuclear energy can continue to be a key tool in achieving deep decarbonization. In the run-up to the conference, the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe released a report – in which the Association had made significant contribtions – on the importance of nuclear energy in combatting climate change. This report will be a useful resource for years to come, and has already influenced policy-makers.

Throughout 2021, we saw many examples of the nuclear community coming together to make a passionate case for nuclear. At COP26 we stood up for the many strengths that nuclear energy possesses, and spread an unashamedly positive vision of nuclear. With key partners, the Association continued to be heavily involved in the European Union’s Sustainable Financing Taxonomy, stressing the case that nuclear energy has a hugely important role to play in transitioning to a clean energy system. The recent announcement that nuclear will be included in the EU Taxonomy is not only a welcome step, but also showcases that decisions must be based on the best available science – even if challenges remain in fully realizing this goal.

The Association has continued to provide thought leadership for the industry, having published many key reports on a range of issues crucial to the industry and beyond, be it on the need to recalibrate the conversation about risk, how nuclear technologies can help meet the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, the state of the nuclear fuel market, or the harmonization of standards and regulations. Through these publications, alongside the Association’s representation of the global industry at key energy events, we not only work to future-proof the industry, but also continue to make the unequivocal case for nuclear energy around the world. Additionally, the Association has hosted a number of successful events, on topics such as finance, innovation, and climate, with the World Nuclear University continuing to develop the next generation of nuclear leaders through its many virtual training programmes.

It is perhaps clearer than ever that nuclear energy has a key role to play globally. World Nuclear Association is proud to be the only organization that brings together the global nuclear industry, facilitating dialogue and collaboration among companies from all over the world. With nuclear, we can break the link between improved living standards and higher emissions, as well as unlocking a high-powered lifestyle for all people, irrespective of where you call home. As the global community comes together to ensure that the transition to a clean energy system is done in a just manner, and facing totally new tensions in 2022, the Association will continue to work to ensure that nuclear energy continues to play a central role.

Sama Bilbao y León, Director General

Philippe Knoche, Chairman

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