CORDEL: Strategic Plan 2014-2018

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 In January 2007 the World Nuclear Association (WNA) established the Cooperation in Reactor Design Evaluation and Licensing (CORDEL) Working Group with the aim of stimulating a dialogue between the nuclear industry (including reactor vendors, operators and utilities) and nuclear regulators (national and international organizations) on the benefits and means of achieving a worldwide convergence of reactor safety standards for reactor designs.

From the time of its inception to the present, CORDEL has evolved from a group of experts discussing how to achieve international standardization in nuclear safety design and standards to an established and recognized working group dedicated to analyzing and forging common understandings in key areas as input to major decisions on nuclear energy policy.

The aim of this Strategic Plan is to outline the general directions and activities CORDEL plans to undertake during the next five-year period. This includes general strategy, activities, priorities and interactions with its customers in order to meet its objectives.