Pakistan-nuclear.pngAs of 31 December 2022

Pakistan has six operable nuclear power reactors supplied by China at two sites: Chashma, inland 210 km southwest of Islamabad; and Karachi, on the coast about 100 km southwest of Hyderabad.

The four units at Chashma are CNP300 models, based on the Qinshan 1 reactor in China. The first reactor came online in 2000 and the fourth unit in 2017.

A construction agreement for an additional unit at Chashma was first signed in November 2010. Following an environmental assessment in 2020, the Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission (PAEC) announced in February 2023 that it had signed the final contracts for the construction of a HPR1000/Hualong One PWR at unit 5 of Chashma. The reactor will be built by China National Nuclear Corporation, which will also supply 85% of the estimated $3.7 billion required for the construction.

Karachi hosts two Chinese-designed HPR1000 units. When the first unit was connected to the grid in March 2021, it almost doubled Pakistan’s nuclear generating capacity. The second unit was connected to the grid a year later in March 2022 and commercial operation was in April that year.

Figure Pa1. Annual electricity output (TWh) and age of reactors (years) at time of generation


Figure Pa2. Average capacity factor of reactors in Pakistan


Figure Pa3. Emissions avoidance through use of nuclear generation in Pakistan


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