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Russia's invasion of Ukraine has impacted the country's nuclear power facilities. This page provides a summary of the latest developments.
Foreign ministers of the G7 have demanded Russia "hand back full control" of the plant
/wnn-ukraine-news/wnn-g7-demands-russia-hand-over zaporizhzhia,-russ.aspx
The IAEA says staff who volunteered to replace the workers who had been on-site for 25 days have now themselves been there for nearly a week.
In the last 60 years uranium has become one of the world's most important energy minerals. It is used almost entirely for making electricity, though a small proportion is used for the important task of producing medical isotopes.
Germany until March 2011 obtained one-quarter of its electricity from nuclear energy, using 17 reactors. Following the Fukushima accident in Japan in March 2011, eight reactors shut down immediately with the remaining reactors phased out by April 2023.
The latest IPCC report makes clear the potential benefits of limiting climate change to 1.5C, the urgency for action to achieve this and the necessity of nuclear energy as an important part of an effective global  response.
Reprocessing of Japanese used fuel has been undertaken in UK and France under contract with Japanese utilities. Recovered fissile materials are returned to Japan as reactor fuel, notably as mixed oxide (MOX) fuel. 
What happened at Fukushima Daiichi? What are the health effects? What will be done with the stored water? What are the lessons learned?
California has a large and growing population and a flourishing economy, with a major high-technology sector. Electricity demand has been rising steadily for many years. In 2000-01 there was an acute electricity supply crisis, triggered by several factors. In 2020 there was a...
Policy and regulatory steps are increasingly being taken to enhance the role of the financial system in the transition towards low-carbon and sustainable economies. The ongoing evolution of environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria presents both opportunities and ri...
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